The Power Of Colour

The Power Of Colour
Colour projects, space personality and the personalities of those who share the space. There is an entire science devoted to identifying one’s “own” colours for the sake of enhancing appearance, mood and success.

The Magic Of Paint

As a professional interior designer, I believe that it is possible to transform a space dramatically through a change in paint colour.  Colour stimulates our senses.  Red for example excites most people – their pulse quickens and their heart’s beat faster. Some people even experience an increase in appetite (that is why so many restaurants are painted deep shades of red).

Blue on the other hand is calming.  These facts have important implications for designers. As an example, if a client is a poor sleeper, the designer might suggest the bedroom to be painted a cool blue to encourage rest.  Every person responds to colours differently although cultural influences do matter and good design takes this into account.  

Paint Colours

Customized Colour Palette

Colour is a very personal thing.  Combining neutrals such as tumbled travertine floors and white walls greet us with many accessory options.  Use the colour of given natural material as a grounding colour. Use neutral colours or the same colour family in varying values for the main surfaces and use bright colours to enliven the space with art, accessories or to direct from one space to another with thoughtful use of colour your home can be transformed into a warm, comfortable environment for you and your family to enjoy.  

Every rotating project is a different canvas with a different aesthetic depending on the clients style and tastes, age, physical space and preexisting conditions to work around (rugs, furniture, etc). Use of colour for any project will be dictated by these factors. 

Working With Driftwood Design

What I bring to every design project is experience and an innate understanding of colour and compositions. Neutrals for background colours I believe are easier to live with and they create a nice backdrop for other colours.  When using colours other than white, creams, beiges, greys for background, I like to suggest soft shadings and pale hues, for example, pale yellows can add just a hint of colour.  This way the colour still reads as a neutral component. 

I like to add most of the colour in a room through accents-pillows, throws, accessories, artwork, carpets.  A pop of colour with one or two dominant accents colours can reveal the personality of a room. Colour in open living spaces should flow from one space to the next, connecting adjacent areas.  If an adjacent space has a different colour palette, I like to thread some of the accent colour from room to room.  A patterned bathroom or hallway can provide a linking point where one colour is picked up and a new one begins.  

So Much More to White

I don’t think people always realize how important it is to choose the correct white.  There are so many shades of white available! Some are pinkish, others are yellowish, greyish and so on.  Some whites are very bright and stark, reflecting the light in a harsh way.  I prefer whites that are toned down a bit.  Three of my favourite whites are Benjamin Moore’s White Dove, Simply White and Cloud White. I like to use Simply White for ceilings.

The Power Of Colour

My BASIC Views

  • Don’t be afraid of colour

  • Purchase sample pots of paint and view each at different times of the day

  • Know or own a colour wheel

  • Pay attention to the ceiling. Be bold and if need be get a professional interior designer opinion of what colour best suits the space.

  • 60-30-10 Rule. 60 percent dominant colour; 30 percent secondary colour; 10 percent accent and punch.

Your home should reflect who you are at this time and place and what you love!

Book your colour consultation. 

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