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These days, many of us are working from home. Although the change has provided more flexibility in our days, it has also introduced new distractions. Find out how some planning and a little organizing can overcome most of these distractions.

Increase your work from home productivity with these design tips

Create Your Office Space

Create Your Office Space

Prioritize daily tasks and set up a dedicated work space. Hang an office hours sign so everyone knows when you are working and unavailable.

Keep everything that needs to go out the door, by the door. Time spent looking for stuff is time wasted and leads to frustration.

Make A List!

Make A List!

When you think of household chores that need to be done outside your “designated space” such as laundry, dishes, or personal phone calls make notes called LATER and don’t lose your focus of being at WORK.

Structure your space so that it is comfortable.

  • invest in a supportive, comfortable, functional desk chair
  • storage shelves for books, binders, office supplies
  • strong, appropriate size desk or writing table
  • practical storage for files
  • excellent lighting (less eye fatigue)
  • calming colours that you enjoy for the walls
  • fabrics, furniture and accessories that makes you feel good about being in the space
Office Treatment

Office Treatment

Create a designated place for all technical support such as photo/fax machine, computer, I pad, phone and have a easy to plug in charging area. Texture, window treatments, and a rug, can have a significant amount of benefits to keeping the room quiet, and private.

If the space allows, put in a comfortable chair that you can relax, or read (business books etc) in. The office should be clean, organized and kept looking up to date just like the balance of your home. It should never feel neglected or chaotic. You should be able to open the door and feel happy about entering into a focused, organized and pleasant space. A work space that you are proud to be a part of. Tidy your desk at the end of every day so that each new day you enter feeling fresh and ready to start a new planned day.

Work smarter

Work smarter to minimize distractions, stay focused and meet deadlines by having a clock in the room, good temperature control ( not too cold not too hot), quite space so that you can’t hear the TV, or kids or other distractions so you can have uninterrupted business phone, zoom meetings.

Keep It Separate

Seasonally decorate your office like you would the balance of your home. For example add a spring plant, or a throw for the winter. When you are done for the day close the door and keep it closed so that you know that you have left the “Office” for the day. Working from home can encourage you to work too little or too much unless you schedule your “OFFICE TIME”

Declutter your office every month of extra papers, articles, files, any extra items brought into the space that do not need to be there.

Creating interiors that create solutions.

  Need help starting, updating or reorganizing a new beginning to work from home? 

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