5 Inexpensive Tips To Make Your House Look Expensive

Tips To Make Your House Look More Expensive
Design Secrets for making a home look more expensive. Whatever your style, there are certain things that just ooze elegance and glamour. These are some touches, tricks, and details that can give a space that extra design polish.
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    Add Luxe Layers

    Using a mix of materials, textures, and tones always gives a space a more custom look and appears more thought out. Mix materials such as glass, wood, and chrome and layered textiles, pillows, and rugs. The originality always feels luxurious and timeless.

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    Include black and white photography

    This always looks chic. There is something endlessly cool about black and white photographs. I have collected many images of interesting buildings, doors, water scenes, trees, people. To me they fit every space and never get tired.

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    Soft Lighting

    Harsh, fluorescent lighting can make even the nicest furniture and surroundings appear dismal. Good lighting on the other hand bathes furnishing in better light and can make lesser-quality pieces look better. Look for warmer rather than cooler lighting, which tends to give off a more golden glow. Whenever possible, install dimmers or use three-way bulbs so that you can adjust the degree of lighting.

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    Keep it clutter-free

    While layers add dimension to a space, the quickest way to more style and sophistication is to take a few pieces away to let the room breathe. An overstuffed space looks tired, where a streamlined, clean space appears fresh.

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    Add some Vignettes

    A big vignette is a grouping of objects, like a still life, that can add form and style to an empty area or space and instead create a unique focal point. Well-designed spaces always have featured vignettes. A good vignette can make a room come alive. Whether it’s a well curated coffee table, or a vignette on a bar cart, shelving or an entryway console, it is a sure way to add style, personality, and sophistication to a specific space.

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