Uncommon Ways to Care for and Repair Furniture

Repair Furniture
Ever had a piece of beloved furniture that was a little worse for wear? Scratches and watermarks are the result of carelessness and dullness and discoloration can occur from sunlight and age.

There are a few methods I would like to share with you to care for your furniture so you can keep it for years to come. I hope you find some tips and tools that will provide useful to you in your home. 

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    Attack water marks with toothpaste

    When water damage leaves white spots on your furniture, try this. Mix equal amounts of toothpaste and baking soda to form a mildly abrasive paste. Dampen a cotton cloth with water and rub the paste into the spots. Now buff the area with a soft, dry cloth. If the damage is not too serious, this should restore your furniture.

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    Shield Dining table from trauma

    Keep your dining room table looking new by using table pads under tablecloths. The pads protect your table from water marks, dings from dropped silverware, and damage from hot plates. You can order table pads through many department stores and online. If you have a rectangular table, you can even use a twin-size mattress pad- a less expensive alternative to a custom made table pad.

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    Touch up scratches with shoe polish

    Don’t spend a fortune having dings and scratches in your furniture repaired. You can use a variety of ordinary products to camouflage those scratches, but be sure to test a hidden area first. For scratches in dark wood, use shoe polish just a bit lighter than the finish. For light wood or cherry, use iodine diluted with denatured alcohol until the colour matches. For a nick, use a matching crayon or marker.

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    Make your own furniture polish

    Don’t spend a bundle of money on expensive wood furniture polish. Make your own polish by mixing three parts olive oil to one part vinegar and start polishing. Or try this recipe. Mix one part lemon oil to three parts olive oil. Your furniture will look beautiful, and your home will smell great.

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    Clean and restore wood with TEA

    Remember that old piece of furniture someone gave you a million years ago- the one you keep hidden because you don’t like the colour of the stain. You can easily re-stain it with an item that costs only pennies and that you probably already have—tea. With tea, you can remove old furniture polish, dirt, and grime and restore the original look to wood furniture. In a quart of water, toss in two tea bags and boil until the water is a brownish colour you like. Let it cool, then test the back of the piece or another unseen area with a soft rag soaked in the solution. The first pass should remove old polish and strip the wood. Then you can apply some as stain. Remember, tea is a permanent stain. When it’s dry buff it and follow up with polish if you want a finished look.

Ways to care for and repair Furniture

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