Baby it is cold outside!

Baby It's Cold Outside!
Dear winter, most times you are beautiful. After a fresh falling of snow, as the sun shines bright, walking through the resulting winter wonderland brings much happiness and joy. But sometimes...days can be challenging. The shorter, colder days, with freezing temperatures that last for days can bring on a case of the winter blues. There are some things we can do to lift our spirits while we patiently wait for the warmer days to return.

Tips on feeling Joy in small ways at HOME

  • Get Closer To Nature

    Welcome feathered friends by installing a bird feeder or birdbath outside your favourite window. A study found that being surrounded by birds improves mental health.

  • Commit To A Task

    Schedule an hour a week to tackle a small project that never seems to get done in your home such as clean out a hall closet or clean out under a sink or a pile of papers. One job each week for one hour can reduce stress of always thinking about it but never getting it done.

  • Create Your Oasis

    If you like to bath, fill the tub with quality bath oils and lots of Epson salt, add some candles, soft music, and relax without interruption or guilt-make it feel like an escape to a spa in your own home.

  • Romantic Endeavors

    Plan a date night with your partner and romance the surroundings with a special dinner with a beautifully set table, candles, flowers, centrepiece, pick a favourite meal have it picked up, delivered or prepare together. Enjoy time with no distractions like television, phones, computers, kids, or pets. Dress for romance like you were on a date.

  • Make Time For You

    Stay in bed longer or go to bed earlier and cuddle with pillows, duvet and either read, meditate, or converse with your partner for several hours. You could make this happen morning, middle of day or early evening. You must plan ahead so a babysitter or work or other disturbances are avoided.

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